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One World Week (OWW) is the largest student-run event at the University of Warwick and is held in January every year. After its modest foundation in 1995, One World Week has grown into a nine day festival and our events are divided into the following five Elements: Days, Nights, Forum, Conference and Sports.

The aim of One World Week is to stimulate the personal development of all students and to inspire a view based on acceptance and appreciation of the World's mosaic of cultures. All of our events offer students and the wider community an insight into different cultures, encouraging awareness of and positive action on issues which affect our One World. We aim to unite people from diverse backgrounds whilst embodying the spirit of our World's cultural diversity. 

During One World Week, the university campus comes alive through a series of debates and discussions, parades and performances, a variety of sporting tournaments, as well as cultural exhibitions and workshops. The enthusiasm and commitment of over 200 student volunteers and more than 10,000 participants ensures that One World Week will continue to grow and improve in future years.


Interested in organising a Forum, a Fashion Show or a range of Days events for one of the largest student run student events?

One World Week is the annual event which takes place at the end of January. They have four positions for a Days Coordinator, Fashion Show Coordinator, Nights Coordinator & Forums/Conferences Coordinator, to join their team. You do not necessarily need to have an extensive knowledge of OWW or previous involvement.

You will work closely with key members of Student Union staff, who will support you and give you advice and guidance on the planning, organisation and delivery of a programme of events to entice and entertain your fellow students. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your employability knowledge & skills in order to develop your CV

Interested? Apply via email with a CV & Cover Letter explaining what position you are applying for and why to Indy Sanghera

The closing date for applications is Monday 27th April. Please see attached job description for more details.

Main Functions

  • Communicating the vision for the programme of events and activities which celebrate the cultural diversity of students at the University in a festival at the start of Term 2.
  • Liaison with a broad range of student societies, several Union Staff members, the International Office staff, the Societies Officer and Arts Centre staff.
  • Regularly meet with a mentor from the University of Union, who will support and take the lead in delivering aspects of the festival.
  • Recruitment and integration of other personnel to a working group, assisting with articulating the vision of the festival.
  • Liason with SU Marketing Department to publicise all the events.
  • Obtain sponsorship from external organisations to ensure financial viability of the festival.
  • Budget control.
  • Comply with policies on equality of opportunity, health and safety and customer care.

Expected standards

  • Efficiency, effectiveness and strong organisational skills in order to contribute to the delivery of a seamless programme which meets student expectations.
  • A sound knowledge of the range of cultural activities and groups which occur on campus.
  • Strong ability to meet deadlines
  • Weekly two-hour meetings with Union and University staff.
  • Strong proven written and verbal communication skills.
  • Delivery of the programme within budget.
  • A willingness to explore new ideas.
  • A strong proven ability to exercise leadership when required to do so.

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