Warwick African-Caribbean Society (ACS)


Since its existence Warwick's ACS has continued to flourish in providing a platform for the celebration of African and Caribbean heritage combined with the active cultivation of excellence and leadership in all areas of university life and beyond.

We welcome anyone who wishes to enjoy the African & Caribbean experience in a warm and friendly environment.

Warwick ACS aims to:

. Educate our members on African-Caribbean culture;

. Empower our members through the best career development opportunities;

. Entertain our members through a variety of music, dance, drama, fashion and comedy events.

The African-Caribbean Society is a society that develops our members in all areas. With this goal in mind, our society devotes equal attention to career events, sports, volunteering as well as socials. As a result our members will develop a wide range of skills that will lead them to make a positive impact wherever they go.


AFROFEST: The Evolution
Afrofest is Warwick ACS' yearly showcase, winner of Best Event (2014) at the Societies Awards. The Evolution highlights how we are evolving from negative stereotypes that have been placed on Africans and Caribbeans. We are much more! This will be portrayed through dance, singing, poetry, drama and fashion.
Afrofest will be followed by free food, drink and an after party with DJs MrVI and John3ll.
Afrofest 2014



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