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It’s crucial that you don’t spend all day cooped up in the library or elsewhere studying – fresh air and exercise are key to feeling good, improving your mental health and making your revision and studying more effective. You don’t have to be a gym guru to get the exercise you need.

Ideally, adults should do 30 minutes of moderate-to-intensive activity five times a week. If you’re on a sports team the chances are you’ll already be getting this through practice. Don’t forget it’s never too late to join a sports team and if you’re a member of Warwick Sport you can also join in with the exercise classes and use the swimming pool.

However if you’re not fussed about that, there are a few ways you can get your exercise without the gym:

  • Walking - I know, radical suggestion. But I’m not just talking walking between lectures or back to halls – go and have a proper walk round campus with friends. There are walking routes available here and campus is beautiful in the summer term. Go explore Tocil Woods or the fields up by Lakeside & Heronbank. Go with someone – it’s safer and a lot more fun. You can always jog these routes as well!
  • Cycling - Borrow a friend’s bike if you don’t have one or consider renting one. If you’re riding on the roads be careful and obey the Highway Code.
  • Frisbee – so much fun, a Frisbee doesn’t cost that much and you don’t have to have mad sporty skillz to play.
  • Skipping – get yourself a skipping rope, find yourself a nice quiet corner of campus and skip away. Don’t do it in your room unless you’re on the ground floor…
  • Tag / water fight – great to play with your hallmates. Water guns optional for warmer days