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Society and Club Exec Resources

Please fill out all the fields below in order to apply for your Society to have a stall at this year's Socs Fair.


This year's Socs Fairs are on the 1st-2nd October 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00. 

The fairs will take place in the Copper Rooms and Atrium, with societies spread across the two days.

This should be an important event for every society, as it presents the perfect opportunity to recruit new members and inform the student body of any welcome events or taster sessions.

Please submit this form as soon as possible, once per society.

This application form is valid until Sunday 31st August, midnight. Applications received after this time will not be given the same priority as applications received before this time.

Please note: Societies are responsible for clearing down their noticeboard and any of their accessories promptly at the end of the day. This is very important as the Copper Rooms will need to be set up for evening events. Societies who do not make an effort to tidy the mess they have created may face the possibility of being denied a stall at the following year's Fair!

Application Form

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Power Required? (Please note we can only provide one power socket to fifty percent of requests, so only ask if it's absolutely necessary!) *

Would you like a blue back board? (If yes, we will charge a fee of approximately £5 to your Society account)*

Preferred Neighbours? (Any particular societies you would like to be beside, or near?).*

Non-Preferred Neighbours? (Any particular societies you wouldn't like to be beside, or near?).*

Does your society desire performance time? If yes, give details of the nature of the demonstration/performance.

Other Info/Special Requirements:

(If you have an idea or requirement which requires more space than this box to explain, or if you have any other queries about anything not covered in this form, please e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible)

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