The Big Match

Thursday 07 March 2013

5pm - 7pm


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The Big Match

Giving What We Can Warwick present Rob Mather - the Founder and CEO of Against Malaria Foundation - to talk at Warwick University.

What's the Big Match?

Rob Mather, the founder of Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), tells the story of how he built AMF into the most lean and cost-effective charity in the world. According to charity evaluators GiveWell and Giving What We Can, AMF has more impact per dollar donated than any other charity they have assessed. As well as this, we'll be celebrating the end to The Big Match afterwards with free wine and pizza!

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Fri 31st October

Student Wilderness Medicine UK National Conference
31st October 5pm - 2nd November 5pm
Alfrey Activity Centre, Broadwater
Warwick Wilderness Medicine Society are excited to be hosting the 2014 SWMUK National Conference. Join us for an exciting weekend wilderness and expedition medicine talks and workshops from big names in the field! More information at
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