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As you may already be aware the University is considering whether or not to remove the Seymour Formula.

Currently, several departments in the Science faculty allow students to take more modules than the number required to reach 120 CATS. i.e. they allow students to ‘over-cat’.

Where students opt to take such extra credit, their mark for that year's study is adjusted using the 'Seymour Formula', a formula which potentially increases the student's overall year mark provided they achieve a minimum threshold mark in their extra module(s) - this is to compensate for the extra work undertaken.

The removal of the Seymour Formula would remove the incentive for students to take extra modules and therefore potentially disadvantage students in these departments. The Seymour Formula is absolutely central to the formal science degrees at Warwick and the flexibility that it provides is one of the things that makes people chose to study here.

For more information check out Sean’s blog.

We would like you to sign our petition by ticking the box below and give us some feedback below to help inform efforts to save Seymour! Tweet us using the hashtag #saveseymour!

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