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Postgraduate Officer:
Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is the SU's Postgraduate Officer.


  • Tue 09 Sep 2014 12:32

    Every year, when students leave their on-campus accommodation, there is a huge amount that is left behind in the halls. This includes books, kitchenware, toiletries and a lot of food! The majority of what is left after everyone has departed is usually thrown away.

    This year, after students left their halls of residence at the end of June, something different happened. A group of students, including members from societies such as Medsin, and People and Planet, set up a scheme called the Reuse and Recycle Room Clearance Project (RAWKUS for short!) where they worked with Warwick Accommodation to collect items that would usually just be waste. They organised for boxes to be sent around the halls of residence, to be filled with food that students were leaving behind, and they then spent the weekend going round kitchens collecting anything else that was left.

    Having been able to help RAWKUS out for a few hours in the kitchen collections, it was eye-opening just how much perfectly good food and kitchenware was left behind; there was not a single kitchen I visited where we did not fill up at least one crate. All of the leftover food, crockery and pans collected were donated to local charities for them to use.

    The RAWKUS scheme is re-running this week, for all postgraduates whose accommodation lets finish. There will be teams collecting items left behind by students next weekend, Saturday 13th 10am-5pm and Sunday 14th September 9am-4:30pm. If you are around the University next weekend, and want to help out with this cause, then RAWKUS would love you to help out and volunteer. The sign-up form for volunteering can be found here -

    If you are a postgraduate moving out this week, and you have any food, kitchenware or toiletries that you are not taking with you, then if you take these items over to the Lakeside 2 Common Room, between 10am and 3pm on any day, they will be donated to local charities.


    Volunteers from the RAWKUS Project at the end of June, showing just a portion of what was collected that would have otherwise been waste.

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Andrew's office is on the 2nd floor of SUHQ.

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