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Hey there, welcome to Warwick! My name’s Charlie, and I’m your Education Officer for the coming year.

One of the most important things you can do to shape your education is to stand as a Course Rep on the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), representing students on your course, working with your department and gaining some valuable skills along the way.

As a Union, we campaign at both a local and national level. Higher Education is facing a difficult time, and it’s incredibly important that we as students do not stay silent and we make our voice heard - Warwick SU is a democratic organisation, and we need you to get involved.

This year I’ll be working on campaigns to get more lectures recorded, for individual feedback on your exams, and to make choosing modules a bit easier with ‘Rate My Module’. If you have any questions, queries or problems, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or pop into my office in SUHQ.

Good luck and enjoy what will be a memorable year!

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The Education Officer's office is on the top floor of SUHQ.

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  • Wed 04 May 2016 12:38

    Year after year, we all encounter the same problem over exam time. It’s a simple problem that really shouldn’t exist, since it causes far too much stress for people on such an important day.

    That problem? Bringing your bag with you to an exam.

    At the moment there is no free, secure facility to leave your bag when you go into the exam, meaning that they get piled up in the corridors or outside the exam hall. This simply isn’t good enough. The current policy may have been okay a decade ago, but now students have laptops, tablets, and smartphones which are essential for studying and revising. Exams present enough of a worry without the added stress of leaving your bag full of valuables outside the exam room. We are aware of this problem, and have set up a Working Group with the University to urge them to  come up with a solution.

    In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce that for the main summer exam period this term there will be a free, secure and ticketed Bag Storage in the SU!

    The cloakroom will be open in Weeks 4 to 9 (16th May to 23rd June) from 7:30am to 6:30pm in Copper Rooms 2 (near The Bread Oven).

    And because we need to clean Copper Rooms 2 after Pop! (sticky floors + bags clearly isn’t great...), the Bag Storage will be relocated downstairs in the IKEA Space (next to the Pharmacy) on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of June.

    Please remember to leave enough time in advance of your exam to drop off your bag - the Bag Storage will stop taking bags 30 minutes before exams start. You can still leave your bags outside the exam venue, but this is not secure storage.

    There are also lockers in the changing rooms of the Desso Hall and Westwood Games Hall, but don’t forget a £1 coin to use them! If you would like access to gender-neutral facilities with bag storage at Desso or the Westwood Games Hall, just ask at the Sports Centre entrance desk.

    For more information on the University’s bags in exams policy, check out their page here:  

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The election for Education Officer takes place during the Officer Elections in term 2.