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All Student Meetings & Student Council

Once a term we hold headline events call ‘All Student Meetings’. Any student can submit motions, attend these meetings, raise issues and debate the Union’s priorities in the form of Union Policy. Students hold campus-wide campaigns in favour of, or against, each motion. After the meeting any student can vote online and the decision is made and set in Policy.

To gain access to the minutes of the meetings and the voting results click here.


Meeting Term/Day/Week Date Time Venue
ASM Composite T1W6, Mon, 3rd Nov 5.00pm MR6
All Student Meeting T1W7, Mon, 10th Nov 5.30pm Atrium
ASM Composite T2W4, Mon, 26th Jan 5.00pm MR7
All Student Meeting T2W5, Mon, 2nd Feb 5.30pm Atrium
ASM Composite T3W4, Mon, 11th May 5.00pm MR6
All Student Meeting T3W5, Mon, 18th May 5.30pm Atrium

After decisions have been made, it is up to Student Council to make sure things happen. Policies and Procedures and Principles mandate an Officer to do something or change the way the Union operates and it’s Student Council’s job to ensure this occurs. They hold Officers to account. Unlike with Policy, Student Council can amend Union Procedures and Principles on your behalf.


Meeting Term/Day/Week Date Time Venue
SC Steering T1W3, Tue 14th Oct 5.00pm MR6
Student Council T1W4, Mon 20th Oct 5.30pm SO.21
SC Steering T1W8, Tue 18th Nov 5.00pm MR6
Student Council T1W9, Mon 24th Nov 5.30pm MR4/5
SC Steering T2W2, Tue 13th Jan 5.00pm MR6
Student Council T2W3, Mon 19th Jan 5.30pm MR4/5
SC Steering T2W6, Tue, 10th Feb 5.00pm MR6
Student Council T2W7, Mon, 16th Feb 5.30pm SO.21
SC Steering T3W2, Tue, 28th Apr 5.00pm MR6
Student Council T3W3, Tue, 5th May 5.30pm SO.21


The Democracy Working Group makes recommendations to Student Council to ensure simple accessible and relevant democratic structures. Monitoring the implementation of policy and governing documents with respect to the democratic practices of Warwick SU. The meetings are open meetings and voting members are elected via Student Council the first meeting of the year.

Meeting Term/Day/Week Date Time Venue
Democracy Working Group T1W5, Wed, 29th Oct 2.00pm MR6
Democracy Working Group T1W10, Wed, 3rd Dec 2.00pm MR6
Democracy Working Group T2W4, Wed, 28th Jan 2.00pm MR6
Democracy Working Group T2W10, Wed, 11th Mar 2.00pm MR6
Democracy Working Group T2W5, Wed, 20th May 2.00pm MR6

Contact Us

The Democratic Services and Democracy Officer's Offices are on the 2nd floor of SUHQ.


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